Isontina Ambiente

Plants, collection centres, centre for reuse

Isontina Ambiente is the owner of the composting and sorting plants of Moraro which i runs with its own personnel. ISA can therefore almost completely monitor the wste cycle (with the exclusion of dry waste, which is sent to waste-to-energy plants).

Isontina Ambiente also manages or co-manages the collection centres of the territory of the former province of Gorizia and of three municipalities of area of Trieste. In thee centres it is possible to dispose of bulky items and green waste.  

Isontina Ambiente also runs the CONAI recycling points of Gorizia, where the citizens of Gorizia can dispose of recyclable fractions themselves.

Finally, in Romans d'Isonzo, Isontina Ambiente manages ROBONONIS, the Reuse Centre where discarded goods that are still in good condition are made available for a limited period of time to private citizens who can take them for free.