Isontina Ambiente

Vegetable oil (food)

Vegetable oil is totally recyclable, if correctly delivered.

Pouring vegetable oil in water causes great damage to the environment: one litre of oil poured in water makes one million litres of water unsafe for drinking.

The disposal of vegetable oil must be done carefully, avoiding common mistakes.

In the vegetable oil container you can dispose of:

  • Frying oils and fats
  • Oil from food preparations and products conserved in oil
  • Lard and butter
  • Rancid and expired vegetable oils and fats

The following types of oil should not be disposed of in the oil container:

  • mineral oil of engines and gears
  • chemical fluids
  • mayonnaise, sauces and other dressings (e.g.: brine)
  • food remains dressed with vegetable oil

Vegetable oil can be delivered to the relevant Collection Centre of your municipality of residence or, alternatively, to the collection points in the following municipalities where ISA is in charge of the service:

CORMONS piazzale Sfiligoi
CORMONS viale Venezia Giulia (COOP yard)
DOBERDO' DEL LAGO via Giardino (behind the Town Hall)
DOLEGNA DEL COLLIO via Zorutti (near the municipal warehouse)
DUINO AURISINA Sistiana Centro (near Esso gas station)
FARRA D'ISONZO via dei Conventi (at the corner of via Pitteri)
FOGLIANO REDIPUGLIA via Balestrieri (Fogliano)
FOGLIANO REDIPUGLIA via Fornaci (Polazzo)
FOGLIANO REDIPUGLIA via Europa Unita (Redipuglia)
GORIZIA loc. Piuma (at the back of the cemetery)
GORIZIA  via dei Catterini
GORIZIA via P. Diacono (green area)
GORIZIA via del Camposanto (Lucinico)
GORIZIA via Campagnuzza (at the corner of via Capodistria)
GORIZIA via Giustiniani
GORIZIA via Garzarolli (near the water house)
GORIZIA via IV Novembre (at the corner of via Brigata Cuneo) 
GRADO via Zara (at the corner of via San Pietro d'Orio)
GRADO piazza Carpaccio
GRADO Riva Slataper
GRADO loc. Schiusa - via Madonnina della Salute (near the primary school)
GRADO loc. Città Giardino - viale Italia (at the corner of via Martiri della L.)
GRADO loc. Città Giardino - viale Orsa Maggiore (at the corner of via delle Pleiadi)
GRADO loc. Val Cavarera - via Umbria (near the playground)
GRADO loc. Primero - strada Rotta Primero
GRADO loc. Boscat - Soris road
GRADO loc. Fossalon - piazzale Rialto
GRADISCA D'ISONZO viale Trieste (supermarket parking)
MARIANO DEL FRIULI località Corona
MEDEA via Torriani (behind the Town Hall)
MONFALCONE via dell'Istria
MONFALCONE via C. Cosulich
MONRUPINO località Fernetti near pharmacy
MONRUPINO località Rupingrande park Mouzar
MOSSA via dei Fiori (in front of cemetery)
ROMANS D'ISONZO vicolo della Sedima
RONCHI DEI LEGIONARI p.le 8 Marzo (near water house)
SAGRADO via 2 Giugno
SAGRADO via Bosco Cappuccio
SAGRADO largo del Pozzo
SAN CANZIAN D'ISONZO Pieris, via Europa
SAN CANZIAN D'ISONZO Begliano via Puccini / via del Canalon

via Trieste

SAN LORENZO ISONTINO via Tommaseo (nursery school park)
SAN PIER D'ISONZO Cassegliano, via Aquileia (church parking)
SAN PIER D'ISONZO San Zanut (church parking)
SAVOGNA D'ISONZO via I° Maggio (church parking)
STARANZANO via V. Veneto
STARANZANO p.le Risiera San Sabba
STARANZANO via Reggio Emilia
STARANZANO via San Giorgio
TURRIACO piazzale Donatori Sangue
VILLESSE via Tomadini


Isontina Ambiente has signed an agreement with SAPI, a company of the CONOE, the National Consortium of Oils, for the recovery of used vegetable oil. Thanks to this agreement the emptying operations are free: Isontina Ambiente is paid a fee for each chilogram of oil withdrawn at the collection points of the territory.