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Waste and reference standards

Each of us can have a role in the protection of the environment: in order to give your contribution to the general well-being you just need to pay attention to a series of actions inadvertedly done every day (even if this a bit challenging...). Ronchi decree came into force in 1997 in this perspective: it implements a series of European environmental directives and regulates waste management throughout Italy.

The underlying principle reaffirmed by the Ronchi decree is the "the polluter pays" principle.

This decree provides for a series of interventions aimed at containing waste production; the objective is to recover as much as possible of the fractions that can be recycled, while sending to the waste-to-energy plants and then to landfills only those fractions that cannot be reintroduced in the production cycle.

On the basis of the provisions of the Ronchi decree, the Province of Gorizia, in compliance with the provisions of the Region, has developed its own waste management implementation program.

While taking into account the situation of the waste management facilities available in the Isonzo area, the strategic objectives identified by the Province of Gorizia are the following:

  • to reduce waste production;
  • to create a provincial system (where provinces might also work together) capable of satisfying the principles of self-sufficiency with respect to production and complementarity between the various recovery and disposal plants;
  • to start a separate waste collection with the door-to-door system to increase the percentage performance.