Isontina Ambiente

Waste collection


  • corrugated cardboard packaging
  • boxes of shoes and detergents
  • boxes of cosmetics and medicines
  • biscuit and food boxes
  • bread bags
  • agendas and calendars
  • cards, posters and sheets
  • newspapers, magazines and comics
  • TetraPak containers


  • tax receipts
  • laminated covers
  • binders
  • chemical paper for fax
  • greaseproof paper
  • tinfoil
  • parchment paper
  • greaseproof paper
  • polystyrene


Isontina Ambiente is responsible for the environmental services in 25 municipalities in the province of Gorizia and 3 municipalities in the province of Trieste (Duino Aurisina, Sgonico-Zgonik and Monrupino). These services include the collection, transport and disposal of solid urban and similar waste and also the removal of bulky items and greens for about 150,000 inhabitants.

The area served by the ISA produces over 75,000 tons of waste per year which, for the most part, is sent to the sorting and composting plant located in Moraro (Gorizia).

The main objective of the waste collection activity is the recovery of recyclable fractions. This translates into the personalized collection methods of each municipality, specially studied with the contribution of the municipal administrations.